The business born in the 1989 with the objective to provide a service of mortogagee and cadastral surveys, to-day has extended his own range of products, optimizing the quality of all the perfonmances and supply of the services. In the month of September a specific division was born dedicated entirely to the Sicilians living abroad and who need adequate assistance for the solution of bureaucratic and property procedures as wellas the protection of their own patrimonial interests. Our history made of good governance, of qualifying services and of long experience of collaboration with professionals and banking and financial institutes puts us on a solid base , from which to be able to do another big step into a market in continuous evolution.


Most of our countrymen, living abroad , keep alive the centre of their own family and property interests in Sicily keeping interests to be safeguarded . legal, fiscal problems the managemen t of which is often rendered problematical and complex by the distance. Our mission is to create an area to which can accede all the Sicilian emigrants who have the necessity of producing documentations or other kind of services at the public or private structures , assistance and legal, fiscal, notarial advice, or any typology of service which asks for an intervention on our territory.