The art. 19, paragraph 14, of the Decree-Law 31 May 2010, n. 78, as modified during the conversion

by theLaw 30 July 2010, n. 122, has added to the art. 29 of the law 27 February 1985, n. 52, the

following paragraph 1-bis.

“ The public acts and the simple contracts certified among livings and holding as object

the trasfer, the constitution or the dissolution of community of real rights on buildings already

existing , except the real rights of guarantee must hold , for the real urban units, on penality

of nullity, besides the cadastral identification, the reference to the planimetries deposi ted at

cadastre and the declaration , rendered in acts by the holders, of the conformity

to the matter of fact of the cadastral data and of theplanimatries, according to the living dispositions

in the cadastral matter: The aforesaid declaration


be replaced by an attestation of conformity rendered by a technician qualified

to the

presantation of the acts of cadastral adjournament. Before the stipulation of the aforesaid acts the

notary individualizes the cadastral holders and verifies their conformity with the outcome

of the real registers”.