The TAX allowance for interventions of building improvement is disciplined by the art. 16-bis of

the Dpr 917/86 (T.U.of the income tax ).

Since the first January 2012 the allowance has been rendered permanent by the decree law

201/2011 and integrated among the ductible tax (RPEF).

In the latest years the law disciplining the matter has been many a time modified .

The latest novelties have been integrated :

by the decree-law n. 83/2012, which has raised, , for the expenses effected from the 26 June

2012 to the 30 June 2013, the meaisure of the allowance (50%,instead of that ordinary one of the

36% ) and the maximum amount of expences admitted to the profit ( € 96.000 for each immovable

Unit, instead of € 48.000 .

By the law by decree n. 63/2013, which has extended these major benefits to the expences

effected within the 31 December 2013.

By the law n. 147/2013 (law of stability 2014), which has extended to the 31 December 2014 the

possibility to benefit of the major tax allowance Irpef -(50%), always with the maximum limit

of expences of€ 96.000 for immovable unit, and fixed an allowance of the 40% for the expences

which will be effected in the 2015.

Since the first January 2016 the allowance will come back to the ordinary measure of € 36% and with

the imit of € 48.000 for each immovable unit

The law of stability 2014 has also extended:

1. The allowance of the expences effected for interventions of adoption of antiseismic

mesures on buildings which are in seismic zones at high risk, if used as a main habitation or for

productiv e assets.

For this allowance have been fixed the following measures:

65%, for the expences effected from the 4 August 2013 to the 31 December 2014

50% for the expences effected from the first January 2015 to the 31 December 2015

The maximum amount of the expences admitted in allowance can not exceed the amount

of € 96.000

2.The allowance of the 50% for the purchase of furniture and big electrical household

appliances of class not lower than the A+ ( A for the ovens ), aimed at the furnishings of

immovables object of building improvement

For these purchases are deductible the expenc es. documented and effected from the 6

June 2013 to the 31 December 2014. Apart from the sum spent for the works of Page 3

Building improvement,, the allowance is calculated on an overall amount not higher than € 10.000

and shared in 10 annual shares of equal amount.

Among the main rules and the various fulfilments modified by other recent dispositions, it is

marked , lastly:

The abolition of the obligation of dispatch of the communication of beginning works to the

Operative Centre of Pescara.

The reduction of the percentage of account on the benefits that Banks and Postal Services

have to effect .

The elimination of the o bligation to indicate the cost of the labour , in distinguished manner,

in the invoice issued by the firm which carries out the works.

The faculty recognized to the seller , if the immovable unit on which the works have been carried

out is ceded earlier that has elapsed the whole period of enjoyment of the deduction , to choose

whether to keep benefitting from the deductions not yet used or transfer ring the right to the

purchaser (physical person)

The obligation for all the taxpayers to share the deductible amount in ten annual shares ; since

the 2012 the possibility of sharing the deduction , respectively in five or three annual shares, i is

not provided any longer for the taxpayers of 75 and 80 years old

The extention of the facility to the interventions necessary to the building emprovemen t or to the

restorationof the building damaged in concequence of disastrous events, if the state of emergency has been declare

The present guide aims at supplying with the useful information for asking correctly the tax benefit,

explaining formalities and fulfilments.