Who we are

Europa s.r.l., founded in 1988 with the aim of providing a mortgage and cadastral survey service, has now expanded its range of products, offering complete services to support real estate executions.
Specialized in NPL, we are partners of major banking institutions, notary and legal firms, with models and solutions specifically designed for the different needs of our customers.
Our history of good governance, high quality services and a staff of proven skills and professionalism, puts us on a solid basis to compete in a constantly evolving market, alongside national competitors.
The company uses a well-established structure that is present throughout the country, with offices in the nerve centers.
It is made up of 15 employees, 61 external collaborators (including technicians and visitors) and is equipped with efficient Information and Communications Technology models which, in addition to optimizing the information collection processes, guarantee the speed and quality of services.


Why choose Europa s.r.l.?


We have over thirty years of professional experience in the real estate execution sector. Our constant and qualified presence on the national territory is symptomatic of the historicity, professionalism and reliability of our work.


The implementation of a workflow plan (workflow) for the management of business processes allows our company to coordinate horizontally of different offices, people and sectors, even located in different locations, and allows to speed up dynamics and optimize times.


Our rates, carefully calibrated on the basis of the complexity of the activity carried out, are significantly lower than the market average, while maintaining a high quality of service.


Our company employs a team of experts. For us, providing a quality service means integrating the right organizational network with highly specialized technological systems, paying maximum attention to the accuracy and completeness of information.