Notarial Relations (ex art.567 c.p.c. 2°c.)

The law 3 August 1998 n. 302 amended the second paragraph of Article 567 of the Code of Civil Procedure, allowing the submission of a Twenty-Year Notary Report to replace the Mortgage and Cadastral Certification issued by the Land Registry and the Real Estate Registry of the Revenue Agency.
The advantages of this reform are essentially two:

  • the first is temporal, in fact, within the 60 days provided for by the law, the file must be completed and filed with the Property Execution Office of the competent Court (in the past it took years before the Conservatories issued the Certificate);
  • the second advantage is of an interpretative nature, as the new substitutive Notarial Report, synthesizing the contents, allows operators (Judges, Registrars, Auxiliaries, Experts, etc.) to have a complete and exhaustive picture of the events related to the properties subject to foreclosure , eliminating possible errors of interpretation of the Mortgage Certificates.